Most important Personal care products for men

Personal care products for men are comparatively limited as compared to personal care products for women. You will find very less product for male beautification. It is often limited to blade, perfume, hair cream, after shave and face cream.

Accessories like manual blade and electric shavers are a must have items for men. Now, some electric razor can give a clean shave like manual razor as claimed by some electric razor websites. This proves to increase in use of electric shaver products. Now, there are many renowned companies like Braun, Phillips, and Panasonic that produces electric shavers with excellent performance.

Moreover, men spend the majority of its grooming time in shaving and hair cut, so this is another factor why shaving products are popular among men. Hair trimming or shaving products command the primary interest to men.

Another line of products that men often use is perfume and scent. Generally, perfume and scent products for men are usually characterized by the presence of alcohol. Men uses of perfume were acknowledge since the birth of civilization. This line of personal care products for men has the most varied choices.

Deodorant is another men’s skin care product which is very popular in our present society. It is a very trendy way to mask body odor. In the present market there are some advanced deodorants that are unscented but is capable of controlling long term odor by targeting and diminishing the cause.

We see many products for men’s care especially made for men even for skin care. Men skin is thicker than women’s skin and the need for different line of product arises. Men also tend to expose their skin to the rough environment more often than women.

This makes marketing for products to accommodate and protect against environmental aggressors that can cause the skin to look dull and devitalized. There are products that help increase luster, repair damage and condition skin and hair for men.

Not all personal care products are considered useful to every man. Most often the choices for personal care products are limited to need basis for most men.

However, this is slowly changing and there are more personal care products for men now than before. Now, we have body, face, and hair care products exclusively for men.  

The most important personal care products for men are:

·         Body scrub lotion
·         Body lotion
·         Shampoo
·         Conditioner
·         Hair styling gel
·         Hair cream
·         After shave lotion
·         Shaving cream
·         Mouthwash
·         Face cream
·         Skin cleanser
·         Shaver
·         Blade
In the recent times we are witnessing a change in trend for men’s fashion. It is becoming more popular and accepted in the society. Fashion is no longer female oriented trend. There are now equal numbers of designer for male and attires as women’s. This also increases the use of personal care products among men.

Men’s fashion and personal care products are a booming industry in the present time. It is rapidly growing with excellent scope for better growth. Still, a majority of men would not go beyond the most essential products for personal care and little or no attention to beautification.

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Personal care and Hygiene - Differences

Personal care and hygiene are interrelated though they are often used as different terms. Generally, when we talk about personal care we often refer to toiletries that include the use beatification and personal hygiene consumer products.

While on the other hand, hygiene is an old concept related to medicine, as well as to personal and professional care practices related to most aspects of living. Strictly speaking, the term hygiene is more related to practices that prevent spread of disease-causing organisms. It is cleanliness deriving out of precautionary act to prevent disease from spreading.

Hygiene is again different from cleanliness. The later is being free from dirt from the process of cleaning. Cleanliness also means to prevent dirtying. It is related to hygiene which is more of prevention of diseases.
Standard of personal hygiene and cleanliness are different from one person to another, and different society have different concept.

Personal care is referred to consumer products that are necessary for personal hygiene and not so related to beatification which include the use of luxury goods but necessary for personal hygiene.

Personal care includes products as diverse as skin care cream, toothpaste, deodorant, perfumes, lip gloss, electric shavers, tissue paper, mouth wash, shampoo, etc.

Such items are often included in our travel kit or toilet bag. It is different from cosmetic or makeup kit that women carry. This makeup kit is included in the luxury items that are not a necessity for personal hygiene and cleanliness.

These are pretty much the basic differences between personal care and hygiene.

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